The Mask Necklace is a Mother/Daughter Business
focusing on fun and stylish mask necklaces for women, men, and children.

Our Story

When the pandemic first began and we all started to wear face masks, we quickly noticed that when people wanted to take them off they were wearing them under their chin, putting them in their pockets, placing them in their handbags or even leaving them on countertops. We experimented with a sneaker lace, and then started beading our own designs. We realized we were on to something and quickly began designing our own fashion forward mask necklaces.

Our mission

Our mission is to provide our customers with a way to stay safe and stylish with a multi-use product. All of our styles can be worn both attached to masks or as stand-alone necklaces. This is Why and How The Mask Necklace was born.

Our Approach

Our company not only provides a functional and chic way to wear your mask but you can feel good knowing that it also serves as a platform to periodically give back to various charitable organizations. Please follow us on Instagram @themasknecklace for the latest styles. You may contact us by email for any questions or wholesale inquiries.

Thank you for shopping with us!
XO, Jodi, Lindsay, Amy, and Julie
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